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Universal-Input 13 W 100 kHz
Flyback Switching Regulators

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The STR-A6259H is a 100 kHz PWM topology (with ±5% frequency
jittering for minimum EMI) regulator specifically designed
to satisfy the requirements for increased integration and reliability
in flyback converters. It incorporates a primary control and drive
circuit with an avalanche-rated power MOSFET.
Covering the power range from below 17 watts for a
230 VAC input, or to 13 watts for a universal (85 to 264 VAC)
input, this device can be used in a wide range of applications,
from DVD players and VCR player/recorders to ac adapters for
cellular phones and digital cameras. An auto-burst standby function
reduces power consumption at light load, while multiple
protections, including the avalanche-energy guaranteed MOSFET,
provide high reliability of system design.
Cycle-by-cycle current limiting, undervoltage lockout with
hysteresis, overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown protect
the power supply during the normal overload and fault conditions.
Overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown are latched after a
short delay. The latch may be reset by cycling the input supply.
Low start-up current and a low-power standby mode selected
from the secondary circuit completes a comprehensive suite of
It is provided in an 8-pin mini-DIP plastic package with pin
6 removed. The leadframe plating is pure Sb, and the package
complies with RoHS.