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FAN7601Green Current Mode PWM ControllerFeatures• Green Current Mode PWM Control• Low Operating Current: Max 4mA• Burst Mode Operation• Internal High Voltage Start-up Switch• Under Voltage Lockout (UVLO): 12V/8V• Latch Protection & Soft Start Function• Over Voltage Protection: 19V• Operating Frequency up to 300kHz• Max Duty Cycle: 95%Typical Applications• Off-Line Adapter ApplicationsAuxiliary Power SuppliesDescriptionThe FAN7601 is a green programmable frequency currentmode PWM controller. It is specially designed for theoff-line adapter application and the auxiliary power supplieswhich require high efficiency at a light load and no load.The internal high voltage start-up switch and the burst modereduce the power loss. The FAN7601 includes someprotections such as latch protection and over voltageprotection. The latch protection can be used for over voltageprotection and/or thermal protection and so on. And the soft