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TDA95359.5NS TRIPLE HIGH VOLTAGE VIDEO AMPLIFIERPRELIMINARY DATAFEATUREn TRIPLE CHANNEL VIDEO AMPLIFIERn SUPPLY VOLTAGE: 110V TYPICALn RISE AND FALL TIMES: 9.5ns TYPICALn BANDWIDTH: 37MHz TYPICALn 80 VOLTS OUTPUT DYNAMIC RANGEn LOW POWER CONSUMPTIONn WELL MATCHED WITH TDA9210 PREAMPn FULL PIN COMPATIBILITY WITH TDA9536DESCRIPTIONThe TDA9535 is a triple video amplifier with highvoltage Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS technology (BCD)for use in color monitor application. Used withTDA9210 preamp in DC coupled mode, it providesfor a low component, high performance and costeffective system solution. Other features include1024 x 768 displays, pixel clock frequencies up to75MHz, and DC or AC coupling designs.