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SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY CONTROLLERDIP16(Plastic Package)ORDER CODE : TEA2262.POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE OUTPUT CUR.RENTUP TO 1A .LOWSTART-UP CURRENT DIRECT DRIVE OF THE MOS POWER.TRANSISTOR TWO LEVELS TRANSISTOR CURRENT LIMI.TATION .DOUBLE PULSE SUPPRESSION .SOFT-STARTING .UNDER AND OVERVOLTAGE LOCK-OUT .AUTOMATIC STAND-BY MODE LARGE POWER RANGE CAPABILITY IN.STAND-BY (Burst mode) INTERNAL PWM SIGNAL GENERATORDESCRIPTIONThe TEA2262 is a monolithic integrated circuit forthe usein primarypart of anoff-line switchingmodepower supply using a MOSpower transistor.All functions required for SMPS control under normaloperating,transient or abnormal conditions areprovided.The capability of working according to the ”masterslave”concept, or according to the ”primary regulation”mode makes the TEA2262 very flexible andeasy to use. This is particularly true for TV receiverswherethe IC providesanattractive andlow costsolution (no need of stand-by auxiliary power supply