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MULTIFUNCTION VOLTAGE REGULATOR FOR HOME AUDIO4 OUTPUTS:12V (1.3A); 12V (0.8A); 8.6V (0.6A); 5.6V(0.25A) STANDBYOUT1 12V(a), OUT2 12V(b) AND OUT3 8.6VWITH INDEPENDENT ENABLE CONTROLFOR STAND-BY MODESHORT-CIRCUIT PROTECTION TO GROUNDTHERMAL SHUTDOWNDESCRIPTIONThe L4959 is a monolithic Multifunction VoltageRegulator, designed mainly for supplying HomeAudio systems. The L4959 contains one unswitchedlinear 5.6V regulator for Micro, twoswitched regulators 8.6V and 12V, suitable tofeed CD or CD players and LED, Signal Process.An additional 12V regulator for Solenoid Motor anCD_TRAY Driven is also available.