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TDA8362 - ic 3yGENERAL DESCRIPTIONThe TDA8360, TDA8361 andTDA8362 are single-chip TVprocessors which contain nearly allsmall signal functions that arerequired for a colour televisionreceiver. For a complete receiver thefollowing circuits need to be added:a base-band delay line (TDA4661),a tuner and output stages for audio,video and horizontal and verticaldeflection.Because of the different functionalcontents of the ICs the set maker canmake the optimum choice dependingon the requirements for the receiver.The TDA8360 is intended for simplePAL receivers (all PAL standards,including PAL-N and PAL-M arepossible).The TDA8361 contains a PAL/NTSCdecoder and has an A/V switch.For real multistandard applicationsthe TDA8362 is available. In additionto the extra functions which areavailable in the TDA8361, theTDA8362 can handle signals withpositive modulation and it suppliesthe signals which are required for