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Power Offline SMPS

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NCP1010, NCP1011,
NCP1012, NCP1013,
Self-Supplied Monolithic
Switcher for Low Standby-
Power Offline SMPS
The NCP101X series integrates a fixed−frequency current−mode
controller and a 700 V MOSFET. Housed in a PDIP−7 or SOT−223
package, the NCP101X offers everything needed to build a rugged and
low−cost power supply, including soft−start, frequency jittering,
short−circuit protection, skip−cycle, a maximum peak current setpoint
and a Dynamic Self−Supply (no need for an auxiliary winding).
Unlike other monolithic solutions, the NCP101X is quiet by nature:
during nominal load operation, the part switches at one of the available
frequencies (65 − 100 − 130 kHz). When the current setpoint falls
below a given value, e.g. the output power demand diminishes, the IC
automatically enters the so−called skip−cycle mode and provides
excellent efficiency at light loads. Because this occurs at typically 1/4
of the maximum peak value, no acoustic noise takes place. As a result,
standby power is reduced to the minimum without acoustic noise