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Eprom M27c1001-10f

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1 Mbit (128Kb x8) UV EPROM and OTP EPROMn 5V ± 10% SUPPLY VOLTAGE in READOPERATIONn ACCESS TIME: 35nsn LOW POWER CONSUMPTION:– Active Current 30mA at 5Mhz– Standby Current 100μAn PROGRAMMING VOLTAGE: 12.75V ± 0.25Vn PROGRAMMING TIME: 100μs/wordn ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE– Manufacturer Code: 20h– Device Code: 05hDESCRIPTIONThe M27C1001 is a 1 Mbit EPROM offered in thetwo ranges UV (ultra violet erase) and OTP (onetime programmable). It is ideally suited for microprocessorsystems requiring large programs andis organized as 131,072 words of 8 bits.The FDIP32W (window ceramic frit-seal package)and the LCCC32W (leadless chip carrier package)have a transparent lids which allow the user to exposethe chip to ultraviolet light to erase the bit pattern.A new pattern can then be written to thedevice by following the programming procedure.For applications where the content is programmedonly one time and erasure is not required, theM27C1001 is offered in PDIP32, PLCC32 andTSOP32 (8 x 20 mm) packages.